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The Church Plant...

What is a church plant? We are a group of people who feels called by God and is aspiring to the challenging work of building a church from scratch.

How should I get involved?

The place to get involved at the Vineyard is in the context of small groups. It is in this context that you can learn to grow in your relationships with others and in your relationship with Jesus.

Why should I get involved?

Most peoples church life is simply filled with sitting and watching, as opposed to participating and serving. This is a boring way to live a life with Jesus and can feel very anonymous and apathetic.
God has made every person unique, and each person has a unique way that they can help serve the people around them. Some people are more social than others, some are more athletic, some are more wise, some are better with money, some are more observant. Everyone is made differently and has an important role to play in the lives of other people around them
(1 Corinthians 12).
When we are not serving others and being served, we often feel purposeless and irrelevant. It can become easy to just worry about our own lives and our own problems instead of living out our strengths and weaknesses with others. Jesus set an example of a life lived for others, so His followers should do the same.